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Baseball is a proud American tradition as participants in upholding that tradition, Kennedale Youth Association proudly offers the opportunity for your son or daughter little league baseball. We strive to create culture that embraces fundamentals of the sport, competitiveness, and teamwork.  

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Get registered early for baseball, softball, and t- ball. 

Blast Ball 

Blast ball is a great way to introduce your child to the game of baseball. The game is played in a non competitive way. Your child gets to learn what being on a team is all about, in addition to taking a swing at home plate and base running. Ages 3 to 4 

T Ball 

T ball is the next step up from Blast Ball. The game starts to resemble what most kids to know as baseball with the exception that kids bat from a tee. It is also a great way to introduce your child to the game.  Ages 5 to 6

Coach Pitch 

Keep your eye on the ball!  Coaches take the mound and serve a pitchers in the game. No more batting from a tee, kids learn what is takes to swing a bat and go for it all. Ages 7 to 8 

Kid Pitch 

Enrollment determines the teams we can field 

Full kid only competition there is no adult involvement outside of coaching. Now we are playing baseball Ages  9 up 


Exclusively for young ladies only our softball mirrors our upper age level baseball teams.  Ages  9 up 

Gallery Baseball

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Ageo Morales Kennedale 1 T Ball  

4/6  6:30 pm  Crowley Field 1 vs Godly ​      1501 Longhorn Trail Crowley, Tx 76036

4/8  10:00 Kennedale Field 1 ​ vs Bulldog Orange 

Tony Pena       Kennedale 2 T Ball 

4/6  7:45 pm  Crowley Field 1 vs Godly ​      1501 Longhorn Trail Crowley, Tx 76036

4/8  11:15 Kennedale Field 1 vs Bulldog White ​ 

Corey Maxwell       Kennedale 1 Coach Pitch  

4/8  1:00 Kennedale Field 2 ​ vs Bulldog Green 

Jason Martinez       Kennedale 2 Coach Pitch  

4/8  11:30 Kennedale Field 2 ​ vs Everman 

Joey Cantu       Kennedale 3 Coach Pitch  

4/8  10:00 Kennedale Field 2 ​ vs Benbrook Hopson 

KYA Wildcats

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